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Programs & Services

Welcome to our programs and services page!

Iridian Moon

Iridian Moon is a free drop-in resource program providing safe space, education, and community for LGBTQ+ high school youth in the Greater Green Bay Area. Teens are welcome to read, rest, do homework, connect with peers, decompress, get inspired, be creative or just hang out!

After school hours are Mondays 3-7 PM.

Summer hours begin June 13, 2022 and are Mondays from 11am-3pm.

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Sound Bath Meditation

Join The Holistic Mystic Meditation ® and enjoy a deeply relaxing guided meditation with singing bowls, mantras, tuning forks, bells, a hand drum and gong. This signature service provides one with the ability to transcend physical and spiritual stress, and release disharmonious energy that can be accumulated over days, years or even a lifetime. The Holistic Mystic utilizes over ten years of licensed bodywork, energywork, sound therapy and spiritual guidance to create intuitive meditations that are a great addition to an existing meditation practice but can also be beneficial to those who struggle to follow guided meditation or meditating alone in silence. The audible frequencies used in this meditation occupy the majority of the time and assist one by permeating subtle energy fields as well as the physical body, often helping to quiet racing thoughts and allow for connection to higher Self and beyond.

Wednesdays from 5-5:30pm

Group Dance

Mystic Movement

Move your Body and your Spirit with this all-inclusive moderate movement class. 

Intuitive Readings

The Artemystic offers Intuitive, Tarot, Oracle and Rune readings to help guide and inspire you, wherever you are in your journey to wellness.

Around the Center

You will find cozy seating, free wifi, access to free beverages like spring water and tea, and most importantly friendly faces who are there to offer support, guidance and community.

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